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What is compendial testing?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have the responsibility to offer the market safe and reliable drug products. Compendial testing makes it possible for healthcare professionals, pharma businesses, and regulatory entities to ensure that only the best medicines reach the hands of patients.   What is compendial testing? Compendial testing refers to a series of principles and procedures devised…

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What exactly is size exclusion chromatography?

Since its invention in the 1950s, size-exclusion chromatography has been widely used for the analysis of proteins and other water-soluble polymers. Size-exclusion chromatography has many applications in modern science, as it is one of the main tools used by researchers to separate molecules.   What is size exclusion chromatography? Also known as molecular sieve chromatography,…

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What exactly is affinity chromatography?

Chromatography has seen several developments throughout the 20th century. The term chromatography comes from the Greek words chroma, meaning “color”, and graphos, which means “to write”. This is because the technique was primarily used to separate plant pigments such as chlorophyll during its first years of existence. New chromatography techniques have been developed since then.…

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What is ion exchange chromatography?

Chromatography is one of the most important techniques in the study of biological molecules. Thanks to chromatographic separation techniques, the unique properties of proteins, amino acids, and other molecules can be isolated, analyzed, and used to create new scientific developments.   What is ion exchange chromatography? Ion exchange high-performance liquid chromatography is a scientific analysis…

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