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Valentia Analytical completed a move from Hayward to a beautiful location in Warm Springs, Fremont, CA.   The new place is much sunnier.  While we love the atmosphere of the new area, it is for the significantly larger size that moved.  We are accommodating for new capabilities including CE-SDS, CIEF, ELISA and BIOASSAY.  Most important, the…

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ISO17025:2017 Annual Accreditation

Valentia Analytical successfully received its annual accreditation to ISO17025:2017 in August 2021.   There were no observations and company received the highest positive outcome rating upon conclusion of the inspection.  This success reflects its sustained Commitment to Quality!

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The arsenal of analytical techniques was recently expanded upon the acquisition of a Gas Chromatograph coupled with a Mass Spectrometer (aka GC-MS).  This provides our clients with the ability to characterize organic volatile compounds such as residual solvents or impurities.  We are able to help identify unknown compounds by matching mass spectral data against a…

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